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Tips For Seasonal Storage

5 Tips for Seasonal Storage

Now that it’s summer, all you want to do is get outside to the barbecue and the beach – but first, you have to dig through the clutter of ski boots, heavy down comforters and Christmas decorations. How do you lighten up your load and shift into a simple lifestyle for summertime? Here are 5 tips to get those seasonal items stashed away safely so they’ll be all ready in that far distant future when the days cool off again.

1. Don’t Feed Unwanted Pets

Your home may harbor tiny clothing moths, and their batches of babies grow big and strong by eating protein fibers like wool and fur. If this touching little wildlife scene doesn’t appeal to you, make sure to wash or dry clean every item before storing it. Any method of cleaning will discourage moths by removing sweat or food stains, which make the fibers especially appetizing to them. The dry cleaning process kills off the larvae, and washing will do the same if you can use water that’s at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For those items that really don’t need cleaning (or if you’ve procrastinated and just haven’t gotten around to going to the dry cleaners), putting your items in the freezer for 24 hours before storing them will also destroy any eggs or larvae that happen to be hitchhiking in the folds. Avoid mothballs, though – they’re toxic, and they’ll make you smell like your grandmother’s attic.

2. Pack Your Suitcases

That is, if you’re not planning to use them anytime soon. Lots of us have empty luggage hanging out in our closet or under the bed waiting to be pulled out for those rare trips where we need to carry more than we can fit into a little carry-on. If you have a couple of large suitcases just sitting empty, use them as organization aids. They make perfect self-storage spots for a few simple items such as winter blankets or holiday tablecloths.

3. Treat Your Down Gently

You probably have some down items stuffed into that closet full of winter treasures. Down-filled jackets, comforters and sleeping bags need special treatment in order to stay fluffy while in storage. The experts at REI recommend washing these items by hand and putting them in a cool dryer or hanging them up to dry. They don’t recommend dry cleaning because the chemicals can strip the natural oils out of the feathers and decrease the fluffiness quotient. Once you have your down item clean and dry, put it gently into a mesh or fabric bag online slots that allows some air to circulate. Don’t press and squash it to try to make it fit. Water-tight storage and vacuum-sealed bags are not good for down because condensed moisture can accumulate inside them and cause mildew.

4. Baby Your Winter Sports Gear

It’s important to give your skis, snowboards and boots some attention before moving them to storage for the warm seasons – and it’s also kind of fun. You can dream of next winter’s adventures while you’re tuning your skis and snowboards and putting a fresh coat of wax on them. It’s a good idea to remove liners from ski boots and then hand wash them. After the liners are thoroughly air-dried, replace them inside the boots, and then lace up the boots so they maintain their shape. Make sure that skis are stored upright, and (like down items) not sealed inside of plastic. Air circulation is helpful for all ski equipment.

5. Add an Herbal Finish

In addition to discouraging insects of all sorts, natural oils like cedar and lavender will ensure that when you open your storage containers next fall, you’ll be greeted with a fresh and pleasant fragrance. You can buy little balls of cedar wood, or simply go to the pet store for cedar shavings to tie securely into small net bags. Lavender is also available in many fresh and dried forms. Tuck sachets into the pockets of your clothing (you might find some money you’ve forgotten!) and into storage bags and boxes.

Once you’ve cleared away all your bulky winter items, you’ll be able to find that beach towel and barbecue grill you were looking for; after all, summertime is calling!

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Reasons Why Self-Storage Is A Good Idea

Let’s say you’ve just made the decision to lighten your load by putting a bunch of your stuff into storage. To you, it’s totally obvious why this is a smart thing to do – but your co-worker, your neighbor across the street and even your sister are questioning your decision. Of course that neighbor has a living room so cluttered she won’t even let anyone into her house – but that doesn’t stop her from asking you if you think maybe you own too many things. Below are a few great reasons for choosing to store some of the objects you’re responsible for. You can use any of these reasons to shut down naysayers and leave them secretly wondering whether self-storage might be the perfect solution for their own clutter disaster.

Reason #1: Self-storage lets you run a home business and still have a home to live in.

Maybe you’re one of those proactive people who haven’t let unemployment get them down. More people than ever are making ends meet by buying up second hand goods and selling them online at a profit. Or maybe you’re skilled at producing handmade creations, and you need a place to store your inventory and extra raw materials. How many times have you passed up a great deal on bulk supplies just because you haven’t got anywhere to store them? Self-storage works as a warehouse annex to your home business, and – guess what? – at tax time, you get to deduct the full cost of storage as a business expense.

Reason #2: Self-storage gives free rein to self-expression

Sometimes our creativity expresses itself through a passionate attachment to collecting. If this applies to you, then it’s not that you’re a hoarder; you just accumulate giant Christmas nutcrackers. Or taxidermied wildlife. Or 19th century tables that you plan to restore. Living together with someone who doesn’t share your collecting passion means you have to deny yourself the perfect new addition to your collection, because your housemate has announced, “You can’t bring one more cuckoo clock into this house! You already have 23 others!” Self-storage allows you to curate, organize, label and enjoy the full extent of your collection without getting on anyone else’s nerves.

Reason #3: Anything that reduces moving stress is good

Let’s face it: moving is a bit nerve-wracking even under the best of circumstances. But that stress goes through the ceiling if you’re madly trying to get a new home ready to bring your stuff to, while managing to clear out your old home by the required date. If you’re using professional movers, they’ll charge high storage rates for just a few days that will end up costing you far more than a month of self-storage would. Having that self-storage key in your pocket a few weeks before your move means you can start packing in a slow, relaxed way and fill your storage unit with nice rows of neatly labeled boxes.

Reason #4: Because sometimes life transitions just happen

When our families are shaken by death or divorce, there’s often a set of belongings that suddenly need to be dealt with. A house has to be sold, perhaps, or someone is moving out of a shared home and needs to put important possessions into safekeeping. Each person accumulates belongings and when life brings changes those belongings often need a safe place to be kept while everyone sorts themselves out.

Essentially, when you think about it, the fundamental reason for self-storage is to put the needs of human beings above the needs of things. Organization and storage of objects allows for a clear mind and a simple lifestyle, so that you can focus on what truly matters in life.

San Francisco Micro Apt

Living in a San Francisco Micro Apartment

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted last November to allow developers to construct tiny apartments, voting in favor of legislation that would pave the way for the construction of hundreds of 220-square-foot residential units.

The legislation, sponsored by Supervisor Scott Wiener, would help those who can’t afford most of the studio apartments on the market. “To confront San Francisco’s rising housing affordability crisis, we must be creative and flexible,” Wiener said in a statement. “Allowing the construction of these units is one tool to alleviate the pressure that is making vacancies scarce and driving rental prices out of the reach of many who wish to live here.”

Neighborhoods such as SoMa (including China Basin, Rincon Hill, South Beach, and Mission Bay) and other dense San Francisco areas would be the likely location for the new units. Supervisor Jane Kim, who represents SoMa, said that the neighborhood’s population could increase by 32 percent as a result of micro-apartment construction if no cap online casino canada were applied.

But living in a micro apartment could be a challenge. Supervisor David Campos, who supported the measure, said he visited one of the proposed units and was struck by how expensive rent would be for such a small space. Furthermore, the small square footage means there is little space to store personal belongings. Using a self-storage unit in SOMA may be an option. Although for residents without cars or the physical capability to haul their own belongings, there are companies like CityStash Storage in San Francisco, which provides full pickup, storage, and delivery services to neighborhoods like Rincon Hill, SOMA, Potrero Hill, China Basin, South Beach, and Nob Hill.

Micro apartments appear to be the wave of the future in convenient urban living. It remains to be seen whether they enable an affordable urban living option or irreparably harm the character of our San Francisco neighborhoods. Beware the Law of Unintended Consequences!


Delivered Storage for Apartments – Better than PODs

If you live in the city and need a delivered or mobile storage solution, you know the challenge of trying to use a storage container from PODs or Packrat. There are too big problems. First, the containers are too big to fit into your living


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Second, if you want to access an individual item, you have to order back the entire container.

CityStash Storage is perfect for your portable storage needs in Washington DC. We deliver our custom storage containers and boxes right into your living room. You pack on your schedule. And we pick up the containers, boxes, and pretty much anything else you want to store and transport them to our secure storage facility (we are in Arlington). Best of all, we’ll deliver any individual item back to you on demand. It is storage delivery made simple, and it works so much better for urbanites than door to door storage from PODs or Packrat.

Call CityStash Storage for the best storage pickup and delivery solution – ever!
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