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Reasons Why Self-Storage Is A Good Idea

Let’s say you’ve just made the decision to lighten your load by putting a bunch of your stuff into storage. To you, it’s totally obvious why this is a smart thing to do – but your co-worker, your neighbor across the street and even your sister are questioning your decision. Of course that neighbor has a living room so cluttered she won’t even let anyone into her house – but that doesn’t stop her from asking you if you think maybe you own too many things. Below are a few great reasons for choosing to store some of the objects you’re responsible for. You can use any of these reasons to shut down naysayers and leave them secretly wondering whether self-storage might be the perfect solution for their own clutter disaster.

Reason #1: Self-storage lets you run a home business and still have a home to live in.

Maybe you’re one of those proactive people who haven’t let unemployment get them down. More people than ever are making ends meet by buying up second hand goods and selling them online at a profit. Or maybe you’re skilled at producing handmade creations, and you need a place to store your inventory and extra raw materials. How many times have you passed up a great deal on bulk supplies just because you haven’t got anywhere to store them? Self-storage works as a warehouse annex to your home business, and – guess what? – at tax time, you get to deduct the full cost of storage as a business expense.

Reason #2: Self-storage gives free rein to self-expression

Sometimes our creativity expresses itself through a passionate attachment to collecting. If this applies to you, then it’s not that you’re a hoarder; you just accumulate giant Christmas nutcrackers. Or taxidermied wildlife. Or 19th century tables that you plan to restore. Living together with someone who doesn’t share your collecting passion means you have to deny yourself the perfect new addition to your collection, because your housemate has announced, “You can’t bring one more cuckoo clock into this house! You already have 23 others!” Self-storage allows you to curate, organize, label and enjoy the full extent of your collection without getting on anyone else’s nerves.

Reason #3: Anything that reduces moving stress is good

Let’s face it: moving is a bit nerve-wracking even under the best of circumstances. But that stress goes through the ceiling if you’re madly trying to get a new home ready to bring your stuff to, while managing to clear out your old home by the required date. If you’re using professional movers, they’ll charge high storage rates for just a few days that will end up costing you far more than a month of self-storage would. Having that self-storage key in your pocket a few weeks before your move means you can start packing in a slow, relaxed way and fill your storage unit with nice rows of neatly labeled boxes.

Reason #4: Because sometimes life transitions just happen

When our families are shaken by death or divorce, there’s often a set of belongings that suddenly need to be dealt with. A house has to be sold, perhaps, or someone is moving out of a shared home and needs to put important possessions into safekeeping. Each person accumulates belongings and when life brings changes those belongings often need a safe place to be kept while everyone sorts themselves out.

Essentially, when you think about it, the fundamental reason for self-storage is to put the needs of human beings above the needs of things. Organization and storage of objects allows for a clear mind and a simple lifestyle, so that you can focus on what truly matters in life.